I named my firm Raymond DESIGN rather than Raymond ARCHITECTURE because “design” is the essence of what I do.

I happen to be a registered architect…and I offer complete architectural services for residential projects. But…I also design furniture, do graphic design, shoot unique photographs, and make documentary videos.

Design is ultimately about solving a problem in a way that is supremely intentional and never arbitrary, never trend-focused, and never too personal.

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Happy Clients

Rob Raymond has an excellent eye for detail and great listening skills. He quickly understood our tastes and what we wanted in a house. As a result, his suggestions were spot on, often bringing ideas to the table that we didn’t even know we wanted until we saw them! If he ever made a suggestion we didn’t like, he didn’t push it, and his ego never got in the way.

His meeting notes were detailed beyond compare, and I don’t recall finding a mistake in his plans as the house was being built. You’ll never meet a nicer person, making the process as stress-free as possible.
Kim and David Hurt, Client

One of the first things that stands out about Rob is that he possesses both creativity and organization skills. Often, people who are creative lack the ability to take careful notes, follow up with attention to detail, stay on schedule and on task. Not Rob. He can do all of those things.

Rob also welcomes design input from the owner, which was important to me, but at the same time willing to speak bluntly if an idea “won’t fly.” Once construction began, Rob was instrumental in review of work performed and also managed the pacing of final design decisions to ensure we weren’t making decisions under the gun. Overall, I can’t imagine the process going any better with any other architect.

Doug Gill, Client

My husband and I were drawn to Rob’s modern aesthetic and beautiful work, ultimately choosing him to draw plans for us for a new construction home on a wonderful creek lot. We were blown away by the design Rob created! He listened to everything that was important to us and made it happen, in addition to other insightful details that we never would have thought of.

I could go on and on about Rob’s skills, but one glance at his portfolio can do most of the talking for me. What I didn’t expect upon meeting with Rob was how receptive he would be to our ideas, and how truly wonderful he would be to work with. Meeting with an architect can feel intimidating, but Rob is completely down to earth and great to talk to. We can’t recommend him enough!

LIZ Haynesworth, Client