1-Built Projects

Bear Cub Camp

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION My wife and I bought an existing cabin on a lake we love in the Adirondacks.  The cabin was a low-budget project…a log kit home…built originally as a rental property.  Along with the cabin, there is a boat house down at the lake that is a hundred years old. After living there..


Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION The unique site for this house created a unique solution.  The steep grade and multiple large trees mandated a carefully-laid out series of wings…overlapping and bridging to mediate the grade.  The client and I agreed very early in the process that we weren’t going to take a blunt approach and move tons..

Victor, Idaho

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION This house sits on the west edge of the Teton Valley in Idaho and looks east toward the Tetons.  The owners had been living in a log home on the site and decided to move that structure off the site and build new.  While the site and views are gorgeous, the environment..


Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project was designed for an infill lot in a suburban neighborhood that previously had a house on it.  The client’s program was an ambitious one.  With kids about to enter high school, the need for an office in the house, and a desire to have lots of activity options in the..

Forest Hills

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION The clients for this house were very clear in their goals: maximize views to the large site for bird-watching, minimize the size of the house within the program requirements, and make the house as maintenance-free as possible. Given the traditional architecture in the neighborhood, and the clients desire for something fairly contemporary,..

White Rock Lake 2

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION This house sits on a corner lot overlooking White Rock Lake in Dallas.  The owners had been living in a former rental property on the site and loved the lot so much that they decided to tear down their existing house to build a new house that made better use of the..

Lakewood Heights

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION The design and construction of this house proved that it was possible to achieve a LEED-Platinum certification within the constraints of a market-competitive construction cost.  Designed as the inaugural building effort of TerraPrint Homes, a development company I started, this was a speculative development on a semi-urban infill lot. By using proper..

White Rock Lake 1

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION This home was designed for my own family.  Overlooking White Rock Lake in East Dallas, the site is exceptional. The solution is a very livable house that is site specific and climate-specific. The two main challenges: optimize lake views and allow for a deck and pool that also overlook the lake….while minimizing..

Chapel Hill

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION The clients for this house requested lots of light, plenty of space for a large family, and a design that was contemporary but not too contemporary. Given those parameters, and a site that is wide, but not deep, the solution is a composition of thin volumes with ample windows…which allow light to..

Lakewood 1

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project is technically called an addition/renovation, but it makes the existing home, literally, a completely new experience. Designed for a young family, the charge from the client was clear.  Functionally, they wanted to re-locate the entry to the front, create lots of entertainment spaces, new bedrooms for the daughters, and a..