Dining Table 1

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION When I designed our house, we couldn’t find a dining table that fit the soft modern aesthetic…so I designed a custom-made one.  The table is made of maple.  It seats eight people easily and ten people when needed.  The clear-finished maple ties to the maple trim and cabinetry used throughout the house…but..

Breakfast Table 1

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION This is a basic six-top table with a steel base and a plastic laminate top.  The black steel base ties to the various black steel structural elements of the stairways.  The plastic laminate top was selected for durability, economy, and the ability to pick a strong color to contrast with the neutral..

Chancel Furniture

Gallery PROJECT DESCRIPTION When our small Presbyterian church added a new sanctuary, I was on the building committee, but I was not the architect for the project.  When we needed to design the chancel furniture (pulpit, lectern, baptismal font, and communion table), I offered to do that pro bono.  The sanctuary itself is rendered in..